About Us & Mission Statement


About Us

Medical Imaging Corp., is a public company trading on the OTC under the stock symbol MEDD. The Company is focused on building strong healthcare companies in the medical imaging and DMEPOS fields.

Through its operating subsidiaries, Medical Imaging Corp. provides radiology reading that includes MRI, CT, and X-ray for hospitals. The company also is involved in the sale of durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics and supplies (DMEPOS).

MEDD works closely with hospitals and local healthcare practitioners to ensure we are helping to meet the demands of today patients. We pride ourselves on an ability to be flexible, modern, competitive, and professional at every facet of our business.

Medical Imaging Corp., will look to create opportunities to increase revenue and EBITDA through nurturing existing business for organic growth and exploring new facets and opportunities in the healthcare space.

MEDD Mission Statement

Our focus is to increase revenue and operations both organically and through new opportunities. With a commitment to business growth and cost control, we seek to increase shareholder value.

Staff Mission Statement

As employees we strive to ensure we are meeting our work goals efficiently, working with quality and careful thought to detail to achieve our career objectives. We work courteously with our fellow staff and managers with the utmost respective for workplace safety, decorum and patient satisfaction.